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My dear and conscious readers, I value you a lot. Therefore I wish to inform that yours truly is going away not-so uncharted waters on a dual-role mission, balacned, the way of a Muslim. Soon I'll depart toMultan tostudy an industry only to understanding concepts of a course that everyone treads. Then, if Allah wills it, I along with a teacher and some students would be visiting and staying in khankah somewhere in Punjab for self-purification.

If you have an habit of praying, pray for the success of these little 'missions'. I'll be back soon, God willing. Don't go away. And meanwhile, watch this video and try to guess why would Pakistani media brainwashing machinery would like to make an imaginary video of india attacking it; and correlate this prejudices of past decades with what is happening in Pakistan. It shows some kids swimming in a pond being bombed by Indian artillery, how do you view it with bombs killing many people in the same way.


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N.A. said...

kahan ka qasad he bhaee? :)

May Allah bless you in all your endeavors, inshaAllah!

Shaheryar Ali said...

I wish i would be a more regular visitor to your blog because i am genuinely fond of your writing.You are an intelligent young lad and really inspiring.Though we stand ideologically apart your devotion and the purity with which you seek truth and meaning in a word which has been deprived of both makes me closer to feel the concept of "sacred", which i never fully understood!
Though i would yearn to tell you that truth doesnt lie anywhere as an abstract reality, rather its constructed through a relentless, yet futile struggle to find truth.It lies not in faith or following but in passion and liberation as Allama had said
Gur ho Ishiq tu he kuffer bhi musalmani
Na ho Ishiq tu banda-e-momin bhi kafir o zandiq
But its your way and i must respect your choice, but did our and older generations really put a choice in front of you? No. Thats perhaps the greater crime we committed.
Multan is very close to my heart, two shrines define Multan, one of Zikiriya who was Shaik-ul-Islam in court of Dehli, whose one son still follows his footsteps and is foreign minister of the Islamic Republic, other is that of Shamas! The radical sufi who despised courts and conformities and on whose shrine you will still find the real people.
The way is not in a shrine but in the people, because every Bhuddha and every Muhammed came down from the mountain to the people!
i want to tell you that you will be missed! and i wish you all the best in your spiritual quest with an advice in words of Iqbal

Nikal kur khankaho se ada kur rasm-e-shabbiri
An admirer


M. Umer Toor said...

@ N.A.,

:) Accomplished first task, just came back after a tiring journey, alhamdulilah. The qasad was to witness how a textile factory of international standard works, and its cost-accounting processes. Masha Allah the industry is high-tech. Also came to know some of the basic problems they're facing. One that they fail to recognize is the interest they give! And this makes me so angry about all muslims........... I wish i could become more and more angry... Would blog soon, insha AllAh. And thanks for yours prayers, i wish they come out constantly for me...

@ Sherry,

JazakallAh. How happy i became to see your comment that doesn't leave anything to be desired more except having more comments :) I do not find anything to argue, even when supposedly our ways are different (which ways?). And i wish i had that purity and sincerity, courteous manners, faith, fulfilling obligatory prayers,..., i'm in lots of crises, apart from a slowed down book-reading speed :D

"The radical sufi who despised courts and conformities and on whose shrine you will still find the real people"

Maybe you'd like to write a post or two on this theme. And I loved this saying of yours. The way is not in a shrine but in the people, because every Bhuddha and every Muhammed came down from the mountain to the people!\

Indeed passion is an extraordinary and rescuing thing to have, i fear only mental passions that lead to rebel against allah. just a thought... and liberation, not the freedom to do, but 'to be' a slave of allah, which is possible once you're free from the forces that tend to take you in opposite direction... that's what i think...

Anonymous said...

ireally want to know how was you experience of somthing "khanqah"

M. Umer Toor said...

@ Zain ul abidin,

Insha Allah i'll share...

Salman Latif said...

It'd be a pleasure to know your experiences of the 2nd mission - am all waiting ;)
Best of luck. :)

Shaheryar Ali said...

Allah, my young friend doesnt desire to have slaves!Hussain Naser and his master will not tell you that,Syed Hussain Naser stood with Shah of Iran and than he worked in United States and is influencing religious thought ever since! If he understood Allah he wouldnt be with a tyrant.
You focus on "man". I suggest you read Iqbal and Ali Sheriati on "Man".

Firshto se behter he insan bana, magar iss mein lagti he mehnat ziyada

The myth of Adam, Angels and Satan, every thing is in it. think on it, you will get a lot of answers!

with love

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