Questionnaire: Help needed!

Sociologist and education-theorist (to-be or not to-be) Mr. Umer Toor is talking to you. He is thinking to plan to commence on an independent research adventure involving bunch of school kids, the notorious 'tv' and a questionnaire form.

Well, the purpose of this "statistical" research - hopelessly - is to know the "TV consumption-patterns"/"viewing habits" of Pakistani children, age range 11-14; and to judge that whether parents need to excercise control over TV viewing of their kids (or nabalgaan) or not; and that whether should TV be banished or not (the last question is simple and research-proof), etc., etc.? Seriously.

I ask you to help me formulate survey questions that can dig up and extract right information from the subjects' mind. Questions have to be subtle, e.g., if I ask them: How many hours you watch TV? That's a VERY important question. But with this type of a question they're going to get lost in counting hours, and are susceptible to give inaccurate answers. But if I ask them that in which part(s) of the day they watch it, they'll instantly be able to recall it.

Finally. The results of the research are going to be very important for parents and society at large. I will be visiting different schools in Lahore. This is an opportunity for you to contribute to intellectual capital of humanity and Muslim ummah in particular. I want to assure myself again that it's not a class assignment, rather purely an intellectual pursuit.

What suggestions do you have?

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MuddleHead Signs Off!!

MuddleHead Signs Off!!