A sufficient argument for the elimination of t.v.

A gadget named t.v. was introduced some decades back in Pakistan, and like Muslim countries, with the view that, okay, if we can't bomb them directly, let's feed them tom and jerry, star moives, HBO, and above all, I Love Lucy. When a muslim walks down the road, he lowers his gaze, whether literally, or, at the least, he suppresses his lust. We could have kept our children and youth safe from the "grossness" of t.v., but the problem was that within a flash of second, the time taken to jump from a hardly "safe" channel to an "unsafe", no one was able to lower their gaze or control their lust. We gradually, along with the whole civilization, except a select few, sank into the miseries of immodesty, and hence utter misery. Their is only one argument that suffices for our position of elimination of the of t.v. (take it as an augmented product in present context, and its basic nature as well): "Verily, the gaze is a poisonous arrow from the arrow of Satan." TV should then be considered as an atom bomb.

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Salman Latif said...

However, let's talk practicality. Is it even possible? Then surely you'll have to end radio and ban internet. And that would in turn lead on to a lot many things.
Really, I am quite baffled at your proposition.

M. Umer Toor said...

Practically? It is quite possible to eliminate tv of course from our lives to stay healthier and that depends on what your priorities are, what your absolute/relative value-system (if that's not too heavy an expression), what your your paradigms are. My intuition is that you're at no loss in any case by eliminating tv, or the kind that prevails today. Please read this:

I have a positive attitude towards internet and other mediums of communication. But yeah I need to be more serious and critical. I yet have to read books of experts of these mediums and only then i can state my opinion with certitude.

And lastly elimination of tv doesn't lead to elimination to all forms of technology, that may sound sensible :)

Salman Latif said...

But at the same time, nearly all forms of technology does allow a vast sea of knowledge, all of which has every opportunity for both knowledge and lust. Is that not true?
And moreover, the question remains: have the foreign values or those contradictory to ours have seeped in because we are weak at opposing them OR we are weak in sustaining our own and it's because of this that the aforementioned has occurred?
Also, let me cite few certain traits well prevalent in our society: how has tv aided in bringing any of these here at our land of pure: dishonesty, corruption, social hypocrisy (well manifest in many of our cultural practices) and the likes?
Also, are cultural values absolute or can they be changed or rather evolved to meet the newer challenges and sustain an identity?

Rhodora Online said...

The issue referred to in the post is not hypcrisy or dishonesty, it is the loss of bashfulness which is indeed attribtable to TV. It is true that Other media might also be(and indeed ARE being) used for the same purpose but the important difference remains: exposure at MASS/PUBLIC level. Children of all ages, people of all mind sets and levels of education are instantly exposed to stimuli which instill/encourage/provoke their 'animal' sides. Control is much better in other media but not in TV. Parents are now finding it very difficult to control the way they wish to raise their children. You only have to ask around, her sharif ghar ka issue hay but the sad thing is the sharif parents are themselves not ready to get rid of a superfluous luxury they can well do without.

M. Umer Toor said...

@ Rhodora Online;

Jazakalah for your comment. It has even clarified doubts that usually mind conjure up - thanks to argumentation...

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