Asia tops in internet usage across the world

The graph below speaks for itself. TV is no more a "be-all", passive medium for Asians, being no more than an addictive medicine we plug-in to suppress the symptoms of loneliness and emptiness of our character. While internet, though a potential addiction as well, is nonetheless a "Two-way" medium in which the consumer not only consumes but is able to produce things as well, like for example this blog post I'm creating. Happily, the Asians, so-called 3rd world dwellers, are top users of internet worldwide.
Another surprising thing to note is that is the explosion of usage or growth within a span of 9 years in Asia. Internet Users by Dec. 31, 2000: 114,304,000. Latest data: 738,257,230. Increase in users: 42.6%, unsurpassed once again. And. These are not the blessings conferred upon us by the White Man.

Read complete analysis here.

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MuddleHead Signs Off!!

MuddleHead Signs Off!!