Futurism? We're already 'doomed'

Gai Eaton (Hasan 'Abdul Hakim) writes in his King of the Castle: Choice & Responsibility in the Modern World, "...Obsessive concern with the future of the human race is a uniquely modern phenomenon. ... The Muslim does not easily forget that, as men and women, we are all 'doomed' since we must surely die, and that societies, civilisations and worlds are equally mortal: 'Everything that is upon the earth passes away, and there remains only the Face of thy Lord, infinite in Glory and infinite in Bounty.' Eternity is One; and One alone is eternal."

Yet the absurdity that has befallen on Muslim, for which he struggles now-a-days, makes the very idea of death unlikable to him.

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MuddleHead Signs Off!!

MuddleHead Signs Off!!