Now-a-days, there's a ballyhoo going over in Pakistan over NRO case in high judiciary. NRO is basically, from my understanding, a contract of jhaliyya (ignorance), that Arabs before Prophet's time used to make, which let's rich people in this country do whatever they want and punishes poor people only. But judiciary of ours seems to be no more a judiciary of jhaliyya. It has re-opened all previous cases of rich and powerful people involving all types of corruption which were thought to be buried by NRO contract b/w whoever.

Yet people among our ranks rhetorically say, "Everywhere people are dying in blasts. There's so much fear and poverty, and amongst all this mayhem they've opened NRO cases. What nonsense!" Someone beautifully replied by saying, "Would terminating NRO case bring more peace and security at all?" Obviously not, they'd say. In our opinion, it more necessary than ever to end all kinds of jhaliyya from our society. If we want to move forward, Abdal-Hakim Murad tells us what we really need to be doing:
"Muhasaba: you will not move forwards until you look backwards."

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