Is disorder is more efficient than order

Have you ever observed that many bsuy, working people, who are really competent and intelligent, have their study rooms, offices, etc., full of disorder, almost as chaotic as Pakistani society? Do you think it is negative and inefficient to have disorder rule over one's living place(s)? i feel this, others may relate to it, that disorder is a good friend of mine. It does not bother me, rather it helps me by saving my time which would have been consumed in establishing the order, which never stops to diminish. Disorder is natural to happen, it'd take place, look what entropy says, but can it be really more productive than having order in 'working places'? But, on the other hand, our environment shapes very much what we do, it affects our 'actual' behavior profoundly. As per Shaykh Abdal-Hakim Murad, a Muslim's soul has to be at ease with its environment. Secondly, if you want not to be distracted with other things while studying a book, for example, you should not have other books lying open on the same table, other distractions (except drugs in this case) must not be easily accessible to you so that you may read the book with focus. I've posted this little post on some other places as well, but I've not been much satisfied with the comments.

I picked up this idea from a review published in DAWN Books & Authors on a book written in praise of disorder.

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Rhodora Online said...

Like most attitudes in Islam, this one is also a case for moderation between the two extremes. There are advantages on both sides: disciplined order and creative disorder...

"Too little liberty brings stagnation and too much brings chaos.." Bertrand Russell

M. Umer Toor said...

Without doubt this answer is Perfect!

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