"It sounded like the flash of lightening striking earth just outside your house." This is how my friend describes the intensity of Moon Market blast that took place near his residence in Lahore. (He and his family are safe.) My people are yet heedless, I dare not exclude myself, so I want to remind myself as well of this. Nothing in their attitude and actions seems to have changed. I don't intend to propose any plausible cause of this most tragic incident, but i do want to mention this: Since I have entered teenage, I've been seeing my brothers in faith doing disgusting things on roads, markets, etc. Anyone who comes to a city of lights like Lahore from a village, for instance, or even people of the city, intends to go to its busy markets to enjoy 'visual rape' of the opposite sex - bad gazing. People do it in the name of outing and enjoying themselves, shopping around. Such a disgrace. After this incident, I thought we'd be repenting for our sins, and avoiding even doubtful deeds. But when I go out, I wish to weep how heedless we are of the signs. I can't tell you how bad I am, only I know and Allah.

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Haris Gulzar said...

You're so right in mentioning this. And not only this explosion, but we have had several examples and incidents to take heed from, but we probably don't care. The earth quake in October 2005 should have been a big source of lesson for us...

Dr. Muhammad Zaman said...

With the name of Allah, the All-Merciful, the Very-Merciful.
"Allah gives an example: There was a town, secure and content with its sustenance coming in plenty from every place. Then, it turned ungrateful to the bounties of Allah; so, Allah made it to taste hunger and terror (that covered it) like a garment, as recompense of what its people used to do."

M. Umer Toor said...

@ Dr. M Zaman,

Thanks a lot Zaman bhai for the ayat and reference. I will be posting as a post.

Thanks for visiting though.... :)

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