Usefulness of Khilwat

Praise be to Allah, whose praise should precede every speech & writing, and may peace & blessings be upon the Holy Prophet Muhammad

Khilwat can be my best friend in today's overly and ever-westernizing Oriental world I find myself in. Most of the youth, the way they are brought in mediocre traditional way, the way they're shaped (or rather de-shaped) by their schooling and enviornment, makes them somewhat ultra-weary of seclusion (or khilwat) from external sources, be it socializing in society, which is nonetheless a virtue in Islam, or through internet & gadgets, or consuming 'leisure' or entertainment "junk-food" (activities, I mean). But in this world, of cities and villages alike, within exception of still a major landscapes existent here, where even the symbols of piety are abhorred, exercising religion to the fullest seems to people an anomaly, due to a large number of fitnas. If any common believer is seen as defensive and hidebound in such contexts, he is not to be blamed of having a low faith. What he should be doing when he finds himself surrounded with so many fitnas, and when masses at large forget God and His Word, is to confine himself in his sanctuary and aviod any contact with fitnas (see Bab ul Fitn, Sahih Bukhari). Satan is widespread these days, he has taken sophisticated shapes. We believers are too simple to uncover all of his deceitful ways. Hence the entry of the external flow of 'things' must be limited, and that can only be attained through khilwat. But this is just a hint, the whole program should only be charted out, acted upon with the help of some authentic scholar, or shaykh. Allahu 'Alam.

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MuddleHead Signs Off!!

MuddleHead Signs Off!!