Product life-cycle, changing situations & new strategies

I's depressed to find out that my (assignment) product, i.e., Mr. Wateen Wi-Max, as a whole, wasn't doing good these days, because of its pricing and its competitor's prices, and the superior value given by W's competitors. What i mean to say is that more and more people are switching to DSL and other tribes of internet from Wateen, which had been for once an innovator of no category, back in 2007-8. Not only DSL - the latest threat seems to be these USB internet connection. Here I am a bit relieved to hear this news that Wateen is going to launch USB Dongle soon. Apart form that, it has successfully re-launch itself with "unlimited packages and lower rentals for limited packages." [Emphasis added.]

What really is doing, is utilizing our marketing book's Chapter 11 that talks about different pricing strategies in different situations linked the product life-cycle. Tough competition has hit hard the profit margins (based on pricing), and pushing product life-cycle to the maximum. Therefore, what the re-launch indicates is that they want to breathe air into its broadband's lungs, so that it may grow and reap benefits.

I'm actually watching my text-book theories being materialized around me, and that makes me adore subjects like these :)

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MuddleHead Signs Off!!

MuddleHead Signs Off!!