Reading: Sufi Aphorhisms

Since yesterday, I have turned by attention to this book by a great saint of past Ibn Ata Illah, named Kitab al-Hakim, Sufi Aphorisms. I guess the great saint belonged to Shadhili tariqa. I turned to it for two-fold reasons: out of a need i felt inside so as to progress spiritually; and secondly, to find cure to "misophical" (hatred of wisdom done in the name of 'love of wisdom' or philosophy) kind of skepticism towards getting an understanding of faith, particularly that of Islam, which is belief in the One God, unseen, in the day of judgment, revelation and Prophet-hood. The magnitude of need follows the same order in which these two needs are put. And certainly, this addresses matters of spiritual progress, self-purification, but as well as in a manner of certitude which helps unveil the hidden reasons for unbelief and misunderstanding. Though I am looking for someone to properly teach this book - it just can't be read like every other factual book.

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N.A. said...

Is it the same book that was written by Ibn Ata Allah Iskandari (ra)? Had been looking for it for quite some time now... the image tells me that it has been published by Suhail Academy and it's easier to get it now... JazaakAllah al khayr!

M. Umer Toor said...

yea... so suhail academy is famous in Karanchi as well.

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