A "classic" problem of services doing acquisition

My father is in a services industry business. What I can do here is perform a little brainstorming exercise with my deary readers. Here's a dilemma they face or problem, more appropriately, when acquiring "knowledge", "skills" by hiring or purchasing a company or consultants, especially when a company overtakes another through merger: The knowledge you think you're buying may walk out the door, in words of Davenport and L Prusak*. How fickle are human assets really :] How do we deal with this "classic" problem?

* See "Working Knowledge", by these authors.

2 did criticisms:

Saleem Chohan said...

We have to understand that acquiring knowledge or human resources is not the same as importing new machinery or buying a plant.

While working with people even when they are being hired and will be paid salaries or fees, these are relationships which matter. These relationships are two way street.

When people think that they're not getting what they wanted in an organization --and they have a choice, they simply walk out of the door.

M. Umer Toor said...

@ Saleem Chohan,

Benefited from your comment...

Surely, it is intangible and is about relationships - how do we get the information or knowledge, for which we bought that "human" asset, locked in that person to the best of our use? That's what perhaps i intended to ask... Even if we lock them physically by contracts, what we are looking for - knowledge, that is - we may never get... There must be some road-map to unlock that higher form of knowledge stored in experienced humans...

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