Nation-state Idoltary

State is only a mean to provide welfare to its people, where education is free, food and medical services are given at least at a minimum level for people to exist, etc. Read Muhammad Asad's Principles of State and Government in Islam and you'll come to know that an Islamic state does all such and other welfare things to its subjects. And never does a Muslim take a state as the purpose of people, rather for him state is a purpose to attain a bigger purpose. But today, state is given the status, along with democracy (or mobocrisy or hypocrisy), of an idol, something that is (profanely) sacred. Founders are made (psuedo) prophets. People are sacrficed to save virtual interests of those in power in the name of Idol called Nationalism. Why am I shown pictures of Muhammad Ali Jinnah everywhere i go? Why am I considered a profane, in so-called patriots' sense of the term, if I criticize the founders? These are just a nominal examples we gave. Otherwise a whole series of books may be written to expose the practices and ideas of idolators of nationalism and nation-state. May Allah save us from all forms of idoltary, give us an understanding of the term as well.

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Anonymous said...

I think only (few) Pakistanis are the people with such consciousness and viewpoint in this world,Yet they are the the ones who love Pakistan the most among all other Pakistanis!!

Amazing but true!!

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