80/20 - Be the 20!

I was going through this book on Time Management for professionals (*flattered* ;), which hopefully i'll photocopy and distribute among my father's company's gifted employees, i'll learn from them as soon as i marry (well, that's mission impossible for me). Khair, it's all about the '20' yaar, any 'chill-dude' pakistani would happily proclaim.

Pareto was an Italian economist. He "observed that 20% of Italians owned 80% of that nation's wealth."* People, like you and me, really generalized, successfully this ratio of 80/20 proportion to other fields as well. Here are some examples where this rule fits the book mentions:
  • 20% of your products account for 80% of products
  • 20% do 80% of work (that's from the Tipping Point)
  • 20% of people cause 80% of the interruptions (see, that's not a law, for in Pakistan, the "low-trust" great nation of Quaid-e-Azam, 80% cause 80% of interruptions, yeah, that's no exaggeration)
  • 20% of your problems cause 80% of your concerns
So, the book advises to focus on those activities which produce maximally. I got excited. Think about it, if all Muslims pray 5 times a day (which for many is like going millions times a day to mosque, and very time-consuming) sincerely, such that it stops them from doing fuhash - which is only 20% of our life - then Allah will solve 80% of other problems, local, personal, national, international, inter-planet, and inter-galaxy, and on and on. For Allah alone is victorious.

O muslims! you always begin your earthly carrier by solving the biggest question West thinks it encounters - Does God exist? - with an unequivocal Yea to it. Think of your intiha (maximum point of achievement). Be true to Allah. Be not slaves of your lower self. (How can i move you to act? Well. That's what recitation of qur'an is there for...)

* Time Management: 24 Techniques to Make Each Minute Count at Work, Marc Mancini, McGraw-Hill, Professional Education.

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MuddleHead Signs Off!!

MuddleHead Signs Off!!