Book Reading Habits/Techniques

Yours truly (this banda-e-bay-hunar) is suffering from a book-reading problem, a very typical one by which I can easily bore you. I suppose many of the creative bloggers (who have the ability to understand and retain information, and then use it in given context) are avid book readers as well, their comments show it sometimes. So this led to me suppose that you must have sound reading habits as well. I have enough time these days, although its the final semester month, and interesting books to read and absorb. But I do not seem to be reading much - the problem is that I do not have sound reading techniques to deploy... May be you'd like to share your experiences with book reading, which, as per Virgina Woolf, is a "risky" business. Please feel free to drop comments :)

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MuddleHead Signs Off!!

MuddleHead Signs Off!!