Time for the 'Janaza' of Pakistani Culture

Praise be to God, may peace and blessings be upon Rasul-ullah and his aal,

Enough criticism of modernity and modernized, post-Christian West, which is desperately looking out for Rasul-ullah, saw, let's turn the nozzle of the canon to where I belong to. In the line of historical analysis of all dynasties of Egypt, studied by a past Muslim historian Imam Makridee (ra), time has come to say four takbeer for Pakistani society as a whole, i.e., to say its janaza, or furenal to bury it as soon as possible before it explodes, like a dead body does, if left unburied. We've are not the one to claim that it is dead, or in near-death sit., for it is so for some three valid reasons, you may or may not be wanting to know; here are the signs of complete decadence of a culture/society extracted by Imam, already mentioned, from his extensive study and analysis, when its janaza needs to be offered, for some good:

1. Widespread corruption (rishwat).

2. Debasement of currency.

3. High real estate prices.

(See this video for explanation of these points which we're not going to mention here.)

Case study: Pakistan has the "honour" of fulfilling all these conditions. Such is the state of our decadence. More than ever, we need to resort to the Divine, Revealed Word of Allah, swt, and the sunna of Prophet, which is our mimesis.

P.S: If the above high-lighted solution, which obviously lacks rigor and needs elaboration, does not fit your paradigms, then it means that the very notion of knowledge has been secularized in your mind, or you are simply ignorant of what it stands for. As a cure, if former is the case, we suggest this work which you may like to look at with open mindedness: Knowledge and Sacred, by Seyyed Hossein Nasr. If you fall into the later category, you may like to know about what it stands for.

Allah knows best.

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MuddleHead Signs Off!!

MuddleHead Signs Off!!