My book of the year award goes to...

...Islam and Contemporary Society. Ed. Salem Azzam. This book is like a mosaic (shown below if you're unfamiliar), which represents Islam in relation to the contemporary context it now finds itself in, in totality. Don't deprive yourself from reading it, a constellation of scholarly articles by the finest and towering intellectuals of our times. P.S: Why there's no summary of any article from the book? I feel I'd bore you by introducing each chapter in my stammering words... Plus, it wasn't published in 2009, rather quite some time ago...

From an Armenian Mosque. (Image source.)

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Anonymous said...

Assalamu alaikum
This book is not available here
Could you provide more details of this book.
none of the book sellers have it here in India.

M. Umer Toor said...

I've not found this book even in pakistani stores, my uncle literally imported it from outside; and the i copy i've is my college's library copy. If i had mine, i'd definitely had liked to send you one...

Well, here's a list of its content.

Intro: Salem AZZAM (the editor)

1. Islam as a Supreme Doctrine, by Prof. M. Qutb

2. Intellect and Intuition: Their Relationship from the Islamic Perspective, Dr Seyyed Hossein Nasr.

3. Islam & the Pillars of its faith, Dr. Ebrahim MA El-Khouly

4. Islam: its political and legal principles, AK Brohi

5. THE ECONOMIC System of Islam, dr. sadiq al-mahdi

6. Banking and the islamic standpoint, prince m. al-faisal al-saud.

7. islam as culture and civilization, prof. isma'l al-faruqi.

8. islam and modern science, dr. seyyed hossein nasr.

9. islam and aesthetic expression, dr. lois lamya' al-faruqi

10. islam and the secular thrust of western imperialism, altaf gauhar (very informative)

11. human rights and duties in islam: a philosophic approach, a k brohi

Anonymous said...

JazakAllah for the information .

do you have access to a review of the book in Jstor from your college library?

M. Umer Toor said...

I don't know, I'll check...

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