5 Fabulous Blog Awards go to....

There's no order either descending or ascending.

1. Daries of Hafiz: Undoubtedly a very thought-provoking blog; original, for it directly examines life without ever showing mental slavery to any of so-called great thinkers, or philosophies; a blog that isn't filled with verbalism, but one that shows balance between action and contemplation. Masha Allah.

2. Muslim Kid: A 15 year kid behind this artifact. I love this blog for its shoukha-pan, its practice of catharasis, honesty, and for having a spark of a truth-speaking and truth-seeking soul, which underlies often grammatically faulty lines, only b'cause of blogger's haste, which he always mentions himself.

3. Salwa: Never have come across a blog like that. Total non-worldliness, i witness in its silence and conciseness flight of the Falcon of Allah. Serenity prevails here.

4. Musaafir-e-Dasht: Sarguzasht-e Musafir-e Dasht: Life through the eyes of a traveller in the wilderness.

5. The STRUCTURE of ENTROPY: On the meaning of life and nature of things; where modern science, especially psychology, and Islam come face to face, talk to each other, and synchronize with each other at the end of the day.

Really so many are left out... I just lack space...

3 did criticisms:

N.A. said...

I so agree with your observation regarding Salwa's blog!

M. Umer Toor said...


swams said...

You are yourself one of the most motivated persons I've come across and it came to me as a very pleasant surprise to read your observations regarding all the blogs. In tell you the truth, my first reaction after reading about Naeema's blog was the same. Regarding her blog I'd like to add that she pushes her way to gain insight into the most delicate of themes surrounding us. And I must say, thats an achievement MashaAllah.

As for your blog, I imagine how Einstein would have been had he been a Muslim and that reminds me of you!!!

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MuddleHead Signs Off!!