Of a Negative Spending

Mr. President of Pakistan used to boast on the so-called "development" of telecom industry in Pakistan, which as a whole, from economics' point-of-view, is not much constructive, but negative, to say the least. In Pakistan, billions are being spent on mobiles and stuff. Each we buy a cellphone sim, as per my professor, a phone set is imported, as Pakistan ain't any phone producing country, in dollars. Let's (loosely speaking) deconstruct our 'spending-pattern' on mobiles and see its "glory" to show that total spending on importing mobiles is "negative" in economic terms:
  • It is a consumer good that only lasts a year or two
  • There are no returns from mobiles
  • Only some people get jobs, others just keep paying to Teleco companies
  • Balance of payment of our country is negative
  • Foreign exchange reserves are damaged
  • Overall, it is a bad investment, as we're not investing in textiles, industries, R&D, infrastructure, etc.
Conclusion: Our spending on mobiles and stuff - IT IS A TOTAL WASTE OF MONEY!

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MuddleHead Signs Off!!

MuddleHead Signs Off!!