No Earthly Voice, No Earthly Formula

This recitation of Qur'an by Qari Abdul Basit Abdul Samad is one of those that awoke in me a repose. Repose to surrender before the Truth. Surrender to elevate from the lower self, so to say to become nearer to the Truth - the source of all, the One, the Absolute, Allah. The voice, the message is penetrating. It captures the heart of men; it piercers them directly, takes no long routes - so spontaneous. Softens this uncontrollable, incomprehensible device called heart, tames it.

3 did criticisms:

Abdullah Shahid said...

Great. Thanks for sharing :-)

Brickwall said...

I don't know how to characterize these styles in words but personally I find the likes of this more moving:

Check out part 3 and 4 in particular.

M. Umer Toor said...

@ Abdullah,

His recitation, and of others, who recite "with rhythm and slowly", makes me to confirm with all certainty why men of faith believe Qur'an to be a proof and evidence of the truth of revelation, of our Prophet and God.

@ Brickwall,

"What [pure Intellect] knows is a thousand times greater than what It says."
Surely i would (as speed is very slow now).


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