Qualities of a friend of Knowledge

I heard a scholar, Mr. Khalid Zaheer, enumerating qualities of an ilm dost, friend of knowledge:

  • He is Truthful and doesn't fail to accept truth
  • He is not prideful/proudly of his knowledge, nor does he consider others worthless
  • He is very Honest. He fully acknowledges contributions of others.
  • He is not prejudiced, nor is he sentimental when it comes to understanding nature of things.
  • But, when it comes to action, he is emotional in acting upon his knowledge.
  • He does not hoard knowledge; rather is keen in spreading it.
  • He is balanced and maintains balance/'itidal.
  • He is not snobbish.
  • He prays five times prayers.
  • He reads Qur'an daily.
  • He is polite.

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MuddleHead Signs Off!!

MuddleHead Signs Off!!