Four Preambles to Salat (Canonical Prayer)

According to Mufti Moulana Taqi Usmani (db) there are four preambles to namaz (canonical prayer in Islam) which when performed before the main prayer create humiliation (khushu, which actually stands for surrending the heart to God; and successful is one in this world and the hereafter who achieves khushu) in one's prayer:
1. Taharat: Cleanliness, attaining bodily purity as per the rulings of Islamic law (based on Koran o Sunnah)

2. Wudu: Ablution when performed exactly the way Prophet performed

3. Two rakah teh-tal-masjid: Better if performed before sitting in the mosque

4. Performing the Sunnats before the farz prayer whether compulsory or not.
After passing through these introducing acts to salat, insha Allah, attentiveness and concentration will be achieved in one's prayer. Prosperity and prosperity for us - if our canonical prayers get corrected.

(From Islahi Khutbaat, vol. # 14.)

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