Of A Very Fallible Attitude(s) Towards Ahadith and Sunnah

I don't know why but many of traditional Muslims (at least outwardly) are inclined not towards accepting some of the sayings of Prophet, as opposed to their accepting any verse of the Holy Qur'an, rather when a tradition is recited before them, it has become their instinct to judge it from their own frame of mind. They do not ask for the degree of authenticity of the traditions, or about its narrators, or anything else. they haphazdy pass fatwas about the truthfulness of the hadith by superficially correlating the traditions with the verse(s) of the Glorious Qur'an which in most cases is very general and comprehensive which needs explanation in order to be directly understood. They do this even when they have little or no knowledge of the Noble Quran itself! I do not say their intentions are corrupt, yet how can they claim to understand a hadith directly without having a complete knowledge of the sciences of Shariah? We have brilliant traditional, classical scholars with us who seem to have wasted their whole lives in understanding the meaning of Qur'an and Sunnah, thanks to our indulgence in this world and sins that we are intoxicated by the addiction of ignorance. Should we put them to no good use and let our lower self and speculative intellect fruitlessly try to penetrate the wisdom which can only be penetrated with the help of rigorous sciences which take decades to master? Where has gone our claims on objectivity as a goal of humanity?

The truth is that such people, upon deep investigation are found not to be the slaves of reason, but the slaves of their lower selves. If not, then why they are so impatient to reject, with all sorts of subtleties, sayings of Prophet which do no harm to anyone, as being rays of Divine guidance from the Divine Itself, but because they (kind of) seem incompatible/misfit with their own illusionary world-views or worldly desires? These crimes they are committing, misguiding themselves and their families, as I have been observing, are done not by apostles or rejectors of ahadith and sunnah but by those people who sing all the day long songs of their love for Prophet, s.a.w. It may be that they themselves don't know that how far they have been taken owing to their slavery of their lower selves and Satan such that they've become blind. And, this is indeed a pitiable condition of someone who belongs to Ummah of Muhammad, peace be upon him. What it implies is that all of us - and I am saying this to myself first - 'should be horrified by our selves'. Prayer is our weapon. Glory and proud are not for us, they belong to the One, Absolute Allah only. May Allah guide us and put us on the right path, His path. Ameen.

The bottom line is that "we are not giving any real significance to the way we respect Qur'an, at least by the words of mouth." Disrespecting Sunnah is in reality disobeying the Revelation of God. (I am not making that up, Muslims know that, because Qur'an says that - Insha Allah I will quote some ayats on this matter.) Let's humble ourselves, let's think of the most eminent thing on earth we know as death, let's surrender once again to surrender again and again till we attain certitude (yaqeen)! And, Allah is very merciful to the believers.

I fear Allah. Whatever I have said, I may be mistaken. I seek His mercy so that He may forgive me out His being the Generous Lord.

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N.A. said...

A very very common trend in our society ... one which is becoming all the more pervasive with every passing day... I was planning to write a post about the same issue and inshaAllah whenever i do so, will quote this post of yours.

Umer Toor said...

@ N.A.,

I am very much looking forward to learn from your post.

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