What is Islam?

'What Islam is about is taking away fear. See if you are a Muslim what are you afraid of? The first thing you accept about Islam, the very first thing: There is no god but Allah. Which means that there's nothing I should fear of but God.' (Shyakh Hamza yusuf in lecture at University of Toronto.)

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Rhodora Onlne said...

Indeed, that is true! Infact our wordly fears are a criteria of how well the Islamic teachings have been incorporated into our personalities. Especially, the fear of death... which underlies almost all other fears.

MEER said...

i am still searching for Allah, in the beauty around me, the sea, blue, azure, at dawn, at dusk, I search when I see the blue sky with scattered white clouds, as He says look all around you and you will find me. I fear only the fear of His displeasure, never of hell as such. In the words of Rabiya Basri, o God burn me in hell if I pray to Thee for it's fear,Hold away the paradise if I worship thee for the greed of it, but hold away not the joy of your unbound bounty and yourself, if I worship Thee for Your Own Love and Self.

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