A beautiful poem by a beautiful man (remember in Arabic word "man" does not differentiate between male or female gender, rather it refers to the true human being).


Man, so it is said, can never know God;

God alone knows Himself. This is to forget:
God knows Himself also within the sage;
Pure Intellect can measure all enigmas -

From God down to the creature. Yet what It knows

Is a thousand times greater than what It says.
-Frithjof Schoun

4 did criticisms:

Kadri said...

"Man" also means "human kind" in English, but it also means male and that causes confusion at times. Men thinks it's all about them when it's about all humans and women feels left out simply because they read the word as "male" and not as human kind. It's stunning to see how the interpretation of a word can change the meaning of a piece of text.

As in your last post the topic touches mans megalomania and the very immature thought that we one day can know it all when we know nothing. =)

Awais said...

A very beautiful poem indeed!

MU Toor said...

Thanks for reading!

humanobserver said...

I am just speechless.

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