How Hopelessness Creeps In

Mind does what it prioritizes. Our memory tends to flag the prioritized actions, ideals or activities. And therefore works according to them. Sometimes this act of 'prioritizing' can be very unconscious, notes Prof. Ahmed Rafiq. One who is lost in the trap of the space and time, and thinks that the attainment of bodily needs is an end in itself, would always search and run after them. He is bound to lurk after those aims, as anyone who focuses on his or her own fixed priorities. The point of difference, however, is that the former man, with his desires of flesh, luxury, becomes a slave to his own impulses and this terrestrial life.

We later find such a man imprisoned by the forces which require no serious reflection; found to be naturally residing within him. And it is also possible that such a man does not lack the knowledge of religious realities, rather a sound knower of the metacosmic Reality. Even after years of fulfillment, his hunger would not die, instead escalate, as a virus does, because he has let those forces to dominate him. We find his carnal soul dominating his basic, good nature. And, the end result, which he never contemplated, is absolute helplessness and despair. Nothing else but hopelessness, restlessness at heart and despair. His fate now resides in the darkness of an abyss, a world so futile and full of impossibilities he cannot leave.

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MuddleHead Signs Off!!

MuddleHead Signs Off!!