Doubt - The Movie

With every brilliant movie watched and heard, a sensation is captured on the film of brain, of unique quality, which later pours down whole of the body, affecting you profoundly. It leaves psychological imprints on you. It affects your behavior. Paradigms. Resulting in conscious or subconscious action, the way it wants you to act.

I would not recommend you Doubt to know about the modernization of Christian tradition but a book called The Destruction of Christian Tradition, which 'accounts of what took place immediately before, during and after the Second Vatican Council'.

But Doubt leaves a pain in your chest. I cannot appreciate how powerful it can be. How deterministic it makes you by doing nothing, and if anything - least. It leaves you unsettled. Haunts you back, forces you to face the reality of doubt. It points at you. Brings you in the limelight, to question the certainty, its availability, its possibility, by just leaving you unanswered. I want to say to it "Get off". But I cannot. It teaches me not to be reactive in my language. Thus, it incites you to philosophize the gap in your understanding of things. It may eventually spark you to commence on an intellectual journey of soul's enlightenment, to dig deep in the nature of reality.

One thing surely happens yo you - as Awais Aftab points out - Doubt leaves you with a doubt(s). And I now vehemently doubt, even more, the certainity of doubt or a series of doubt (one triggering off another) as some fail to, constantly.

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Very thoughtfull post . It should be very much helpfull

Karim - Positive thinking

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