Lahore Attacks

I'm feeling very sad and disturbed. They say a small number of people in the name of Islam, with technological devices, did this bloodshed of non-Muslims, i.e., Qadyanis. They're not injuring anyone, nor creating social disturbance. The gathering in their worship people would definitely have included children or even women, above all, innocent people, hopefully. The fact that it is done by someone in the name of Islam disturbs me most. If it is true, then I must say my faith, the faith of fitrah, the Primordial and Last religion of God is being hijacked by psycho-paths.

I don't know what could legitimize these deadly attacks in Lahore. They say Islamic extremists have did this - (and I use "extremist" only for those who injure innocent people without any right, or even kill them, indiscriminately) - then all should know that homocide and suicide are two biggest sins in Islam and reward for it is hell. Nonetheless, nobody should assume which community did this horrendous act at the outlook, before outrightly blaming people with beards...

 May Allah make Pakistan a global leader in peace and belief in Transcendence, as well.

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Salman Latif said...

It is indeed sad to see that the religion that's based upon peace and tolerance is being used by certain people to further their muderous goals.
The worst part, however, is the fragility of the opposition of such acts by religious and media personnel. Rather than explicitly calling them terrorists, the debate has been diverted towards Ahmedis and their beliefs. That's the most shameful part.

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