Fast Food & Haste

I have always been suspicious of nasty old fast food that caused trouble in my stomach when I used to have a liking of it. But since when i have left eating this un-nurturing, little morsels of suspicious meat, cooked in utter 'hastiness', believe me not, my quality of life has increased mani-fold, saving my pocket as well ;) What follows here is research done on the behaviors of fast-food consumers by Toronto University, namely: Fast Food and Impatience; moreover, i received the following summary in an email by Harvard Business Review, The Daily Stat:

Does Fast Food Make People Hasty Well as Hungry?

20% speedier reading. People who had been subliminally exposed to fast-food logos read a 349-word passage in an average of 69 seconds, compared with a control group's 84 seconds, though there was no time pressure, according to a study of 57 undergraduates. Researchers Chen-Bo Zhong and Sanford E. DeVoe of the University of Toronto suggest that the time-saving principle embodied by fast food unconsciously induces haste.

Read research here (pdf).

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MuddleHead Signs Off!!

MuddleHead Signs Off!!