Winter, Accounting, Jumma Sermon & I

Inner clarity is certainly a big think to have. What can express the beauty in it better than this piece of Islamic art you are seeing.


The winter is setting in, with Lahore's atmosphere appearing to be more vague and cloudy, than our skepticism of Pakistan's bleak future. Interestingly, such an atmosphere may in fact contribute to more inner clearness, and of ideas as well (that's my romantic notion of winter). Nonetheless, the trouble is coming for me: The brain-drying assignments of accounting. And accounting is the right kind of subject to talk about when thinking of 'clear thinking' (don't confuse it with Dawkin's "clear-thinking oasis" for 'mentally incapacitate' people).

The study of this subject, i.e., accounting & finance, should be encouraged among Muslims on a general plane, for it is an "exact science". Right now in Pakistan, according to our (simply) brilliant, highly-experienced professor, managers are all idiots. Managers here just don't care about from where a cost comes, i.e., what are the cost-drivers, they themselves being the best example. Resources are being lavishly raped, because no control is in effect. There's a lack of technical bent of mind and expertise, as a well a loss of religious sense towards one's duties. This situation is evident in almost all departments of our society - government departments being the supreme and the "noblest" example. And the only exceptions are people like my professors, who while consulting the companies are trying to teach them sanity.

I have to depart now for jumma sermon and prayers. Sermon is most looked-after commodity for me. It is purifying bath for my heart and mind, whenever I return from diving into university education.

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MuddleHead Signs Off!!

MuddleHead Signs Off!!