What is all about this emptiness I am hearing these days? I first heard it from a professor at my university who was an atheist and then came back to Islam, or perhaps converted to it. When he was asked why did reverted to islam? He had everything, he studied at oxford, was a Marxist activist and all that. What he said he did not have was peace. He said he felt "emptiness". Then I heard from him the testaments of other converted Muslims who re-uttered the same word: emptiness. Today, I was hearing to Imam Suhaib Webb, the lecturer at Al-Azhar, also himself an Al-Azhari. He says, "I had success, in material terms, but internally i was very "empty". So i was asking to myself, "Why do you feel depressed? Why do you feel sad, if you have girls, the money, the DJ, the clubs, everything is going well but why do you feel internally this "emptiness"?" These are all his words. However, he searched about 'who his Creator was' and came to accept islam.

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MuddleHead Signs Off!!

MuddleHead Signs Off!!