The Philosopher's Corner

The place where yours truly finds solace, i've to be honest. I don't get lazy here, slumber in odd times doesn't take over. It has 3 windows, two coverd and one parallel with neighbour's wall, so doesn't open in street and faces the wall like a dead-end ahead; while 10% of the top opens to the sky, like a sign of hope and freedom. The dead end is good, for it doesn't let too many visual stimulation get into my tender head. It's cool because a blank wall one has to glance through transparent window-glass helps keep reflections on track; one has to focus more on beauty to avoid its ugliness taking over.

i like my books, my laptop, my work, writing here, talking here. like a very sedentary person. and am 'always in agony of coming back' here... may Allah add barakah and purity to this place, from where i can serve ummah and humanity... (this 1st sentence is adaptied from Norman Finkelstein's description for himself.)

the seat shown here is my cousin's who shares the room. i wonder why i'm sharing this. maybe for myself. to document, document, document (something i enjoy in later days)

Another view

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MuddleHead Signs Off!!

MuddleHead Signs Off!!