Experiencing Higher Realms through Books

I too have felt that when you read and reflect on certain books, especially of religious, philosophical and metaphysical nature and even about science, astronomy or social sciences, you feel yourself to be in a different world. The mind seems to have escaped from the worldly surroundings and transferred into a much more beautiful and pure world... Its an amazing feeling that is a fruit of piety. For if i'm not in a good spiritual state, my heart would block the soul from "passing out"!

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Hakuna Matata said...

That's the primary reason we read,to rise above mundane existence.What Ghazali said about music holds true about reading too.He said music isn't bad or good in itself.It simply promotes whatever is in the heart.A saint's heart will have its virtue increased,and a sinner's heart,its vileness.Similarly we'll draw conclusions from books according to our mental compass.Even in Quran,an atheist finds objections and a faithful one belief.

M Umer Toor said...

Beautiful, balancing comment. I got Hujjat ul Islam's risalah on music and will read in full. You'll comprehensively summarized the finding of the book in a sentence i believe.

My personal experience shows that without spiritual and intellectual guidance or some form of rigorous training in school or perosonally - 24/7 - reading Quran only aired non-senses skpetical fearful doubts that are NOT metaphysical or philosophical in nature but surely satan's inspirations... Allahu Alam!

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