When Lowly Intellects Respresent Islam

As Ahmed Javed Sahib (may Allah preserve him and add barakah to his life) explains his feeling of dreadfulness* when he hears news of some so-called religious leader of ABC faction, with lowly, degraded intellectual marching off to engage an athiest or "an educated" person to "pursue" him (or her, in extreme rare cases) about Islam, so did i always have this feeling, which i'd brush aside on grounds of being too flimsy and characteristic of my cowardice. Actually, if i look back at those moments of dread and prayer to Allah that he save Islam from destruction at the hands of such self-proclaimed, uncivilized and "sang-dil" (stone hearted) leaders of Prophet Muhammad's religion, i was sure of my feeling. Its only that i find relief in its attestation from Javed sahib...

Ahmed javed, "Paistan me Nifaz-e-Shariyat Kese" (How to Enforce Shariyet in Pakitan?): (video)

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MuddleHead Signs Off!!

MuddleHead Signs Off!!