New Horizons I

* i've discovered one of purposes in my life: importance of belonging to family. The idea and ideal of having a family forever - extended family, to be precise. It includes a sense a belongingness; an aspiration to build a small community of life, and become something more in the process. Its no less than a life-long mission.

* You can be poor and still be happy, authentic and lead a life full of dignity - unless of course one judges oneself from the eyes of a materialistic world.

* We're either worldly or heavenly. Only the latter state offers true inclusion and integration of the worldly and what has to come next.

* Money is our servant, neither our master nor our end objective.

* I will try to finish everything I start.

* Our mind can never focus on two things at a time.

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MuddleHead Signs Off!!

MuddleHead Signs Off!!