We can be unconscious of the existence of things when they actually do to our faculties of intelligence, why and how?

Sometimes, we turn blind to some things that actually exist, and have a cause for living or being there, manifesting themselves. It mostly happens when we avoid experiencing or, in simple terms, do not allow ourselves to know the causality of those things.

I, for instance, since my childhood, had been hearing, as though in a dream, voice of perhaps an insect - a voice very sharp, pinching and loud. How can I believe now that I denied any existence of that voice and its source then, as today, when I came out of the dream, really identified it, without doing, or conceptualizing, anything? How come can I believe myself?

The answer, partial maybe, is: Only because I avoided it, and didn't even try to identify and know it completely and objectively. I thought that I couldn't know it that easily. Therefore, with the passage of time it became my habit to deny the source of that voice and to avoid any contact with it through observation or meditation. Or, perhaps, it isn't that easy to know some things completely and objectively.

What do you think?

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Navid said...

Deja-vu is something that I have experienced numerous times all throughout the course of my life. Not just the feeling, but the absolute certainty that I had been in this situation before with these exact same people, all of us saying & doing the exact same things.

Recently, a friend of mine looked at me and said something about me that she had no way of knowing and which moved me so much that I almost cried.

And dreams... too huge of a subject to get into right here.

But to answer your question, no "it isn't that easy to know some things completely and objectively."

Salman Latif said...

Denial indeed takes us farthest from truth.

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