'Terrified, Mortified, Petrified and Stupified'

I have always been terrorized by mathematics. I ain't any simpleton, though. i like beauty. Yes I can even talk about it. I stretch matters to no-useful extent everyone may not be capable of doing. I fought wars in my backyard. Build sedentary morchas (bunkers) of mud and brick, bombed them through distant catapults - *boom*. I did calligraphy; compiled huge registers filled with extracts on various subjects, as a sort of a haphazard, passionate encyclopedias; I even led many a times a hard-ball cricket team when I was not even about 14 (a feat my physical manifestations definitely contradict, this shows how many brains I have)!

But mathematics. I had no clue if I could ever relate it to the norms and mentalities of a certain species known as "humans" the way I knew, saw and sensed them. How could a person commit the mistake of initiating into mathematical madness? Where did it come from, in the first place? i had no clue, I still lack a point. To talk about its practitioners: Mathematicians to me have always been like those mythical creatures who are willing to suffer so many dilemmas of their own systems. That's why I revere them, even if they are of the worst sort of characters. I'm in an inferiority complex, generated by maths, to plainly tell you the 'sordid state of affairs'. But I don't want to get into a superiority complex either, the worst form of the former.

To settle the dust and to lift myself above it. i have made my plans. Want to listen to them? I'll stick to it, I'll stick to it, until everything sticks to my mind. Good-bye. 'Where has gone that God Created the Integers?'

Please email your kind suggestions as to how to handle this demon safely without my major causalities at: Pray for my safe journey, as well. Thank you.

2 did criticisms:

Anonymous said...

Good luck, I know your pain all too well...

Umer Toor said...

@ Anon.,

So can I may know you?

You can contact me at

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MuddleHead Signs Off!!

MuddleHead Signs Off!!