The true intellectuality: Why 'The Way'?

Within our deepest center dwells the Self;
And so they say: you ought to realize
Your own divinity. But they forget
Without God's help we never can be wise
Ignoring this, too many astray.

With Heaven's Grace alone we find the Way.

-Frithjof Schuon

I wrote this poem by Frithjof Schuon on an entry page of a book Traditional Islam in the Modern World (by Seyyed H. Nasr), which I especially picked up from the dusty shelf to re-learn about the legacy of 14 century of Islamic education and its systems, seemingly forgotten by young Muslims. The poem much plainer, but not any more direct and penetrating as an Eagle, than Schuon's absolutist prose writings, made many doubts of mine vanish into the air! So to act. The strength-to-act is a quality many of my young fellows and modern day Muslims lack 'when it comes to point'. Nonetheless, it is a beautiful poem which you cannot commodify but burn and melt many iced up candles! As my master says, "Life like candle is burning and melting."

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MuddleHead Signs Off!!

MuddleHead Signs Off!!