Spiritual Art in Islam

Now- look at this specimen of Islamic art more closely. Take a wider look: from top to bottom, left to right, vice versa.
I must add one more detail, that maybe missing in this sample. Like in traditional muslim carpets, there's also a definite boundary in a work of art, which unifies it.
Okay. According to Seyyed Hossien Nasr, a worldly renowned Islmic scholar, such a piece of Islamic art explains and speaks of Islamic spirituality. Spiritual art as such consists of abstractionism, i.e, flight from material; and has hate-relationship with naturalism, i.e, art that shows worldy objects, emotions, etc. From the very early days of Islamic art, abstractionism dominated, even to this day it remains that same.
This painting here symbolizes some important points about the nature of reality, which religion Islam speaks of: the way the patterns spread outwards = symbolize the Infinity of Allah; while, on the other hand, as you can see, the way whole picture comes together at the centre, at one point = symbolize the Unity of Allah. That only He is the source of all infinites, and only He is The Absolute. But, this happens at the same time. It's not a contradiction. Rather unification. Rather its Whole Truth in one go, as it is in reality.

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MuddleHead Signs Off!!