How to make Pakistan Iron of the World?

Iron is a powerful metaphor symbolising rigor, robustness, edge, practical value and leadership. It cuts through dullness. It is full of unending vigor. It was the metaphor which late PM Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto used as a vision for Pakistan. He asked in his roaring voice at a public jalsa, "Would you become the iron of the world?" Meaning by, would you be the energy source of the world? Would you become drivers of the world? He succeeded in launching Pakistan as a nimble start-up IronMan for the Muslim world at least. He opened various fronts. (Perhaps too many.) Oh! Its an intoxicating dream my father's generation can't still shake off (most of whom, if not all, where enamored by Bhutto). There is no time for Ahs! and Alas! Right after losing half of a country a nation is thrust forward to world stage; it becomes a voice for the Muslim world; a handicapped nation with 90,000 soldiers imprisoned by its 'mortal' enemy (excuse me for exaggeration though). Right after its defeat, it exponentially multiplies its effort. It kicks off nuclear program to secure its future. That project is complete. And we have paid its cost: Eating grass. We've paid the price. We've made our IronMan. Now it is time to become the IronMan of the world. It is just the beginning. From the floors of this earth, you can just go up and up.

It is not the how you can make Pakistan Iron of the World. The question is: do you want it to be so? Has the idea possessed you like it possessed my father and his generation? Have you impersonated world's IronMan? Are you acting like one?
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MuddleHead Signs Off!!

MuddleHead Signs Off!!