NATO Supply Stoppage costing US Millions of $$

Pain in the side! Surely. America had been in denial of the critical importance of Pakistan trade routes of death, destruction and expansion of Dajjalic mission of conquering the world, and becoming a false messiah and a god. Pakistan, understandably pragmatically, sold out for pennies and paved way for food and weapons of mass destruction into a country where humans are being slaughtered in the name of collateral damage, for its own happy demise in creation (God forbid).

However, things are not too bleak. In the short-run, at least for few months, America has been losing millions of dollars due to the closure of Nato supply route, reports The News (Pakistan). This may be too short a trouble, as Pakistan would be expected fall to its knees.; or, maybe its a drama staged by government and army to fool around with public opinion.

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MuddleHead Signs Off!!

MuddleHead Signs Off!!