A Taliban Commander: Insan Al-Kamil (Universal Man)

I will not back down, I am victorious in the battle as well as in the propaganda (media)

- A Taliban soldier singing on radio while attacking US convoys

Paul Refsdal, a Norwegian journalist, went into Taliban when they were fighting against Russian invading forces back in 1980s. He visited them again in 2010-11, only because he was not allowed to do that for ten years since the war began. (That shows how tight the control of media has bee in the hands of Western powers.) The difference today is that in 1980s Western media backed Taliban hugely, for they were freedom fighters. But now, when they defend their country against US and western imperial forces, they are demonized below human beings, and become terrorists and absolute fanatics.

For Refsdal, this overnight change in the media propaganda was intriguing. Being a journalist, he could bet there must be another version of current affairs. The difference between him and westernized creatures in areas like Pakistan is that he decided to put his life to risk and find out the truth for himself. He was able to know more deeply at least one important Taliban commander, whom he met in 1980s: Qari Darwan, who owned a lot of property before joining Taliban. Dawran, may Allah protect him if he still has not achieved martyrdom, to me has led an archetype just war or jihad. Mentoring his warriors, he said to them:
Be just. God appreciates justice ... We are fighting for freedom, for Islam and for our holy land. What are their [intruders, US et al.] goals? Are they oppressed? Have they been treated unfairly? Do they have dictatorships [in their countries]?
 When Refsdal was kidnapped by 'a wild card' of Dawran after his group disbanded the area, it was Dawran who, even in his physical absence, used all means to free Paul without having anyone to pay ransom for him.

Refsdal mentions at the end of film that Dawran's two little children, below 3 years to me, were killed by US Special Forces in an attempt to kill the commander! During Paul's last night with Dawran, a commander working under D was attacked, leaving him and his whole family, women and children martaryed by US forces... I leave it up to the viewers of documentary made, embedded below, for what kind of military commander he is/was; and what kind of war Americans are fighting there.

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