Managing Slackers

This semester i made some gross mistakes. First, taking members in the team just being sympathetic to them, for they couldn't find other group in class. Second, taking non-serious people, who are known for slacking. Third, i knew how disinterested they would be. Fourth, judging people. Mr. Umer faces the eternal question: can i transform people, or can i transform myself into a group leader who can transform people?

Well our professor taught us a powerful but simple way of dealing with those who just don't want to work. Assign them tasks that they can do. And, when they don't deliver it, fire them. You give them a chance, and be fair. But, you've justification for separating yourself from such slackers.

This nation, including me, is filled with lazy people. Quran warns us not to be. Results are too obvious to reiterate.

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hassan said...

this post reminded me your other post named "procrastination"....
Well i think the verses of habib jalib perfectly describes our situation:

"me ne us se ye kaha
ye jo das crore hain,
jehl ka nichor hain
inki fikr so gayi
har umeed ki kiran,
zulmaton me kho gai
ye khabar darust hai,
inki mot ho gai

be shaoor log hain
zindagi ka rog hain
aur tere paas hai
inke dard ki dawa
me ne us se ye kaha"

Muhammad Umer Toor said...

so true...

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