Procrastination and Impatience

I came across this piece of research somewhere which shows a positive corelation between procrastination (laziness) and impatience. It means that both are to be found in a same person at a time.

I talked to a competent psychatrist about it and he noded in yes stating that one is the cause of the other and vice versa. Procrastination is destined to lead one to become impatient, irritated and haphazard. However, what are the causes of it? According to him, procrastination is caused due to following set of reasons:
1. Lack of priorities.
2. Abscence of time-frame in which to accomplish work.
Have these and you're prone to procrastinate. And when the time limit comes to near end, instantly one becomes active, so to say over-active, becoming impatient. Cure one, and you cure the other.

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MuddleHead Signs Off!!

MuddleHead Signs Off!!