Rationalism or Sentimentalism?

Moderns so much talk about their being Rational that one starts mistaking their so-called objectivity as Objectivity when in the clothes of rationalism it is nothing but an outcry of their nafs and passion of self, which are categorized as nothing but being subjective. They also one other gross characteristic: They criticize "revealed objective truths but rarely turn the barrel of criticism towards their own selves." Remember that Satan swims deeps down in the deep ocean of our heart. To fight him is very difficult. Hence the only way,. according to poet Iqbal, to win over him is to convert him to Islam through Qur'an. Because it is Qur'an which our rope to Heavens.

2 did criticisms:

Anonymous said...

However those on the traditional side need to show more rigorous data and argue on the basis of facts and not on emotionalism

Muhammad Umer Toor said...

Isn't it interesting that no words as fact exactly exists in major Islamic languages as Arabic and Persian! "So that means we can live without facts"

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MuddleHead Signs Off!!

MuddleHead Signs Off!!