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I have been given this "life-time opportunity" of doing a research on Wittgenstein (W) and his critique on Frazer (F) and Freud (F*). The question is: Where does Wittgenstein's critique on F-F* stands within his own system of philosophy? Was it immature? Was it taken back? Etc. Etc. The question came up when we were being given a comprehensive understanding of W's critique on the theories of F on religion and its sociology. Someone, intelligent and serious enough, raised the point that W had become confused later on about his world-views, so as a consequence he may have abandoned his stance on his previous philosophies, of which this critique, we're studying, may be a part of. I am very interested in W's famous critique on F-F*, so I accepted the challenge even though i can't properly spell W's name. What I don't know now is that what do i need to know and do?

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Awais said...

I do not think that Wittgenstein's change in world-views from that of Tractatus to Philosophical Investigations have any bearing on what he said about Frazer and Freud, and probably aesthetics in general.

This is a good explanation of his criticism of Frazer:'s%20critique%20of%20Freud%20and%20Frazier&pg=PA28#v=onepage&q=&f=false

Umm, what would you need to know and do for this research. Well, first of all you'd have to acquaint yourself with the life and philosophy of Wittgenstein, from his work on logic in Tractatus to his work on language in Philosophical Investigations, and what implications these had for philosophy, and how they relate to Wittgenstein's ideas on Aesthetics, which can be found in the notes of the lectures he gave in Cambridge. After that you'd have to know what Wittgenstein's criticism on F and F* were, and how they relate to Wittgenstein's other ideas, and then you'd have to analyze whether the philosophical shift from Tractatus to Philosophical Investigations affects the arguments that W made against F and F*. This is what i think should be the approach.

I don't think W's criticism of F and F* is affected by the transition from Tractatus to PI, but then, i haven't done a detailed research on this. That's the impression i get.

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