The grace of human kindness vs. machines ( part of discourse on intrinsic morality)

There are many things in the world that capitalism cannot give you, and i am talking specifically about those things on which it has its claims fixed. i am living in exile. in another city. i live on the upper story with my father, who stays here half a week and does work in his office beneath my dwelling (called philosopher's corner, excluding other typical corners), and for the rest of the week goes back hometown. the tea i take is made by the man of the home and office, who does all sorts of work quite singlehandedly. made in an electric kettle, as most of the time, or even if i 'cooked' properly on fire, i always feel, in the words of hamza yusuf, "the anxiety of the cook, my cells can feel the anger (rage)." No soothing feeling do i induce, it's not to be unthankful, but comparing it to the kind of tea i experience back at home - its way different. last time i went to my home after the strokes of stress at the hands of academics and out of indulgence in vain activities, the cook (at home) - a happy, little man who somehow detecting some good in me is very, very nice and humble towards me, i feel sorry for him though - cooked some tea and said, "You won't taste a tea like this." And yes i didn't, and i won't, insha Allah :). the only magic it had, in terms of effect, was that it put my senses in a calm state; i felt a joy, a joy that can only be produced when somebody does a good to you, not for social consequences, but out of generosity - of course not a mere materialistic joy, which is quite profane often times. my claim is: you may never get these feelings out of machines, if not tempered by human kindness and bounty; or at the hands of human beings devoid of a value called "care" . i like to think in this way, it may never be like that, though.

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(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

definitely. The care and love makes it worth it all :-)

M. Umer Toor said...

@ Raaji

Thanks for visiting though...

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