The demon of the believer vs. The demon of the unbeliever; And a very beautiful prayer

I found this very fine comparison made between the difference of being a believer (he who fears Allah) and non-believer (he who conceals truth, and doesn't believe in Allah, His last revelation, prophets, etc.) in The Marvels of Heart, by Imam Al-Ghazali (may Allah have mercy on him). It shows the usefulness of being a muttaqi (one who fears Allah and abides by laws and commands), and clear disadvantages of not being a muttaqi. In it signs for those who understand.
"Abu Hurairan related that the demon of the believer met the demon of the unbeliever. The demon of the unbeliever was sleek fat, and well clothed, while the demon of the unbeliever was emaciated, dishevelled, dust-colored, and naked. The unbeliever's demon asked that of the believer, "What is the matter with you that you are so emaciated?" He replied, "He replied, "I am with a man who names the name of Allah when he eats, and so I stay hungry. He repeats the name when he drinks, so I stay thirsty. He says the name when he dresses, and I continue naked; and when he anoints himself he repeats the name and I remain disheveled." The other said, "I dwell with a man who does nothing all this, so I share with him in his food, his drink, and his clothing."

"Muhammad bin Nasir/Wasir (?) used to say every day after the morning prayer, "O Allah, thou hast given power over to us an enemy who has insight into our cohorts sees us as we cannot see them. O Allah, cause him to despair of us even as thou hast caused him to despair of thy mercy. Make him abandon hope of us you hast made him abandon hope of thy pardon. Remove him far from us as thou hast removed him far from thy mercy, for thou art able to do all things."

2 did criticisms:

Anonymous said...

this is amazing, btw who is Muhammad bin Nasir

Anonymous said...

I simply don't know...

Thanks for visiting though.

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