Of A (Very) Strange Event

Now. This is not a kind of post which can relate itself to the dubious motto of a book by Gurdjieff who states in effect about his book All and Everything, "Now I am going to tell you something people are not going to believe" or if something really strange is going to happen. Not that. Not that at all. Because his book is nothing but an anti-thesis to its very 'galvanizing' statement.

Once upon a time, once or twice? Once! Once upon a time, I was driving a rickshaw. A customer came by and said that he wanted to go to some place B, which to him was not far from point A, where we're located at the moment. I told him it would cost him 60 something, as I was empty for the time it took me to reach at point A. He fought for 40 something; argued hard in all what's gibberish; and we settled for it. When we reached at his destination. He gave me 100 something. I was amazed, and you ask: Amazed? I ask, "little?".

So I asked him: What for?! He behaved like a true economist-consumer (you've to admit it's a strange thing to happen these days with the passiveness of being a consumer). He said in a very factual and monotonous way, "40 something for bringing me here; 10 something for the time I wasted in arguing with you; and 20 something for what you had to give up to pick me up while we were free of any customer. Finally, take 30 something more - approximately - for the time you are to spend burning carbon empty (it was late at night) from here now on. These are all your 'opportunity costs' that no economist would ever pay you, so please sod off!"

I wish if there exists such an academic person who did everything what he theorized. Perhaps that's why people read fiction to the end, always.

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MuddleHead Signs Off!!

MuddleHead Signs Off!!