Change & Resistance

I don't want to leave my home where I live now: the gracious triangular park right in front of my home; the mystical stillness in its surroundings; its mosque and its preacher who are like rays of sunlight in this "Dark Age"; its tahndi sarak (the 'cool' road); its evenings; its nights - I don't want a change. There is however one little problem - we've to leave it! My father has even selected the next home to-be. I cannot act deliberately to avert this 'fallout' sort of situation for me, nor should I attempt to resist the decision that has to be implemented, if God wills it.

Therefore, my life is going to be shifted. Change is inevitable, as ever? I doubt the last part of the preceding sentence, but from an unusual point-of-view. I find that certain breed of humans, characterized by their spiritual character and love of the All Powerful, are never bothered by any displacements, or change in circumstances, or in what is between the heavens and the earth. Because. They're in love at heart with the One, the Absolute, God Almighty, Who dominates everything. Such people of 'understanding' have no worries.

Consider those, who, on the other hand, are devoid of such love for such a Being, doubtlessly they need to reconsider their positioning. They should think of change that can lead them to the One, Independent, on Whom everything else depends. They should not dread it, the change. How difficult would be such a transition for someone like me, I yet have to find out very soon.

What is going to happen with me is going to be an experiment and test of the worth of my words. In my father's will is God's will, no doubt about that. But, my will currently is not aligned to his. And I am worried. And I am lazy. The path is clear that is yet not taken. It's 'wrath yet not awaken', to crush and forge my spirits, to make dents, to change and to help myself transcend the world of change and forms. To be free.

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N.A. said...
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N.A. said...

A very well-written post, Umer. It brought countless memories to my mind of those few people in this world who remain unaffected by their surroundings. There is this teacher of ours who had been asking us to do the same for the past five years now but hardly few of his students have met success :) ... it is not easy. You know what, your post made me think of the 'Auliyas' - the friends of Allah SWT who so boldly claim:

Be-kaifi mein bhi hum ne tou ik kaif-e musalsal dekha hai
Jis haal mein bhi Woh rakhte hain, uss haal ko akmal dekha hai!

Umer Toor said...

"Be-kaifi mein bhi hum ne tou ik kaif-e musalsal dekha hai
Jis haal mein bhi Woh rakhte hain, uss haal ko akmal dekha hai!

Minzal ka nishaan!

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MuddleHead Signs Off!!